Capture all the moments and write your story just as you want it written.

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

It all began in the summer of 2012. I was devastatingly awarded with a dire 2 month terminal prognosis and was even denied all further medical care aside from palliative care at VGH.

During that course of time, everything around me started to change. I knew what my heart wanted and that was THE CHANCE to pull my socks up and be that unstoppable force. I was stunned to see that version of myself - Courageous and Determined.

My babies were so young and full of life- my youngest was just 2 tiny years old, while my oldest Barley was just 5.

My heart was in pieces to know that they would be too young to come to remember how much I truly and utterly adored every, tiny thing about them. Seeing them smile still causes goosebumps and I’m in awe of it.

To convey my fierce and unconditional love, I made recordings and colourful scrapbooks for them to tell them the story of my life, in my own words. Penning my feelings down, wasn’t the easiest but I enjoyed every bit of it.

How lucky I am to have survived, despite every expectation to do so, to still “get” to be by their side today to tell them just how much I truly love every bit of their hearts, minds and souls?

But I ask you, how will you design your scrapbook one day?

Which are those unforgettable and joyous memories that you would want to mention? Would you penn down all their mischievous events with tons of pictures too?

If you haven’t given a thought about it, NOW IS THE MOMENT. Capture and savour all the moments along the way, both big and small, to savour the joy and to tell your story just as you want it told! Imagine having a stock of beautiful memories in one place, wouldn’t you love it?

My dear friend Sarah from Sarah Jane Photography is my trusted photographer to help me carve out my story for my scrapbook. From taking pictures to shooting our lovely funny moments, she has done it all.

Sarah, from Sarah Jane Photography has been with our family through it all- she’s been with us through the most dire of moments, she has stood on mountains with us, and she has attended the many celebrations of triumph and fun!

Despite the chaos our family endured, Sarah captured all of the grit, and all of the smiles, and all that fierce love, every step of the way! She helped me bring all my memories to life. How do you want the story of your life to be told? Write it just like that and capture the moments to set the tone of it all! Call Sarah Jane Photography, or your fave family photographer today!

Own Every Second with us at!

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