Dr. Erica has long since lived a life passionate about health and wellness. She had established a very successful career in this very arena as a thriving sports chiropractor.  She had owned her own well renown, multidisciplinary health centre, Peak Performance Chiropractic Health Centre, on the west side of Vancouver, just outside the gates of the University of British Columbia. She hiked every mountain and soared down them all on her skis.  She was very happily married and she served as the doting young mom to her two, wee boys.  



Seemingly, in the blink of an eye, Erica was diagnosed with what proved to be a very aggressive version of acute myeloid leukaemia, in the spring of 2012, while she was still nursing her youngest.  


Despite her most valiant of fights as a fully admitted in patient, Dr. Erica did not respond to even the harshest of 24/7 chemotherapy regimens known as “salvage chemotherapy”.  Devastatingly, she was awarded a two month terminal prognosis and was denied all further medical treatment aside from palliative care moving forward.  This dire prognosis was even confirmed by a leading leukaemia institute in the US. Despite this, Erica embarked on her fight of fights in her fierce yearning to still “get” to be mom to her two babies.   

She fought to go home, rather than going to the palliative floor.  If she had 2 months to live, she had a lot of living to do! 

She prepared for the worst by making memory albums and writing letters for her two babies, but yet she always expected the best and pursued any and everything in the natural health care realm.  Miraculously these efforts lead her to a full and complete remission!

But her story was yet not over.  A bone marrow transplant was deemed to be the quote unquote “cure” to prevent against relapse.  After a world wide exhaustive search was hailed to find her perfect donor match, a complete stranger rose to help from half way around the world, who proved to be her perfect 10/10 match.  Erica served as the recipient for this much needed transplant, only with thanks to her donor, Fabian Hope!  Her blood type even changed from O- to A+!  Read more about Fabian and the gift of life he extended on our page “Give Life”!

Erica grew strong, back to hiking every mountain and soaring down them all on her skis once again.  But this burst of good health was so short lived.  She literally ran out of air.  Her new, strong, hearty immune system decided it didn’t recognize her own lungs and attacked her lungs as if they were a flue bug or a cold.  This process of rejection literally obliterated her lungs, resulting in her weight plummeting to 84lbs and requiring full time oxygen support.  She was told her only chance of survival would be a double lung transplant.  Her health deteriorated daily.  Staying the course became a feat in itself.  


With thanks to the family of another who made the most trying of decisions, amidst their most trying of times, Dr. Erica was gifted the gift of gifts of new lungs!  She could finally breathe again; a gift we all so readily take for granted!  


But the story did not end there.  Erica endured even more unexpected complications and faced another yearlong hospital admission.  She was referred to as the “Hail Mary” of the province’s largest hospital.  And defying every odd against her yet again, she miraculously survived it all.  


Finally back at home in the summer of 2017, so eager for the calm after the storm, her husband chose to divorce.  She then faced a move, a legal nightmare and learning to navigate as a single young mom. 


But despite the hardships, Erica has chosen to focus on the many silver linings that have come in tow.  Through those tumultuous few years, she has found so much strength she never knew she had and such an utter joy to “get” to live each day;  to “get” to be mama to her two beautiful boys!


Dr. Erica Harris is now the passionate founder of and serves as an Empowered Mindset Health Expert.  She is a master of resilience, resolve, positivity, fortitude and gratitude.  She has not only survived, but has truly thrived through seemingly relentless, insurmountable feats.  She now serves to support, inspire and empower her community to move to greatness through adversity, no matter how big or how small.  


Dr. Erica excels at culturing positive mindsets, serving to empower you to rise up and to own every second of the gift of today, no matter what comes your way!  Through her signature 8 week The Empowered Mindset coaching program, she will give you the tools and the road map to use your adversity to best serve you.


Reserve Dr. Erica as your Keynote Speaker at your next event and leave your audience awe inspired and with actionable change.  Dr. Erica is also a #1 International Best Selling Author and is currently working with her NY publishing team to launch her new book, Rooted to Rise! 



She is a fierce advocate for Canadian Blood Services, organ donation campaigns, for the One Match Stem Cell and Marrow Network.  She is passionately spearheading new initiatives to improve care for families of sick, young parents.  Further, she volunteers for the West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation and for the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada.  Dr. Erica is an honoured member of the Worldwide Association of Female Professionals.  In addition she serves as a Zili Health Board Director.  Dr. Erica is truly a health warrior!  


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