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Cancer is one of the leading cause of death globally. There is a steady rise in the number of cancer patients in last few years. Cancer has definitely altered the life but surely not defining it, here are some of the cancer warriors who not only fought for survival but are inspiring others. They have shared their journey along with are also contributing for welfare for the society.

Steve Thompson a hockey player was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. . And since that time, had five surgeries and 20 weeks of chemo, radiation, and colostomy and a colostomy reversed. He learned to think about other people and what they need and how he can help them.

Nalie Agustin was diagnosed with breast cancer and when Agustin was declared cancer-free following a year of treatment, she decided to pursue some of her wildest dreams; publishing an e-guide to Chemotherapy, speaking at events, and producing her own talk show — The Nalie Show.

Sebastian Alejandro Amurin D’Amico suffers from Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS), an aggressive and highly malignant form of cancer that develops from skeletal muscle cells and affects 0.5 percent of patients with a malign lump. He shared his story on instagram and his course of action.

Cheyann Shaw, it took just 24 hours after her ovarian cancer diagnosis for her to check social media for help. The reason she turned to social media and changed my social media channels to channels documenting my journey is because I wanted to be a voice,” she said.

Caryn Sullivan founder of prettywellness and a two time survivor and writer was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer.She also encourages healthy eating to become stronger!

Tom Argullo was diagnosed with the testicular cancer and he used his diagnosis of testicular cancer as a catalyst to change his entire life and heal his mind, body, and spirit. He chose to forego chemo and radiation and heal 100% naturally.

Jessica DeCrisofaro was officially diagnosed with stage 4B Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She realized through all this that the cancer community really gets it, so she decided to write her own book, “Talk Cancer to Me,” for others going through what she has experienced.

Peyton Dickinson was diagnosed with testicular cancer and being open about it was a brave move. He found social media to be helpful to generate more awareness about the disease, and to keep his family and his loved ones updated.

Alejandra Campoverdi was diagnosed with BRCA2 gene mutation. In 2018 she founded The Well Woman Coalition to create community and awareness about BRCA and breast cancer for Latina women.

Maruf Azimov, a UAE-based male model and a breast cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 24 and is initiating to spread the awareness about male breast cancer.

Bianca Muñiz is a two-time cancer survivor who was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 11. At age 22, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Muñiz, credits singing and songwriting as a form of therapy and comfort for her. She reflects on a song she wrote called "Take Me Away," which she realized after the fact was about the unspoken depression that comes with a cancer diagnosis.

Morhaf Al Achkar UW Medicine physician with stage IV lung cancer and he decided to go public. he stepped back from his routines and prioritized his health, writing became a bigger part of his life as a coping strategy.

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