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Serena Klaver - Young wife opens up on grief and role of a caregiver

At 30 Serena was celebrating this new decade of her life in Tofino feeling on top of the world. Six months later she was in the VGH ICU having to tell her husband he was dying days before he took his last breath with her hand on his heart, and lips to his cheek.

Today a 34-year old, living the year her late husband never lived to experience in this world, Serena is so committed to the truest, fullest, and most beautiful life filled with abundance and love, and she wants nothing more than everyone and anyone all around her and across the globe to live the very same.

In 2019 Serena left her government job as a professional planner and followed her belief that her voice, time, and energy was to focus on health advocacy and changing support systems. Her commitment is to build authentic supportive communities through connection, capacity awareness, shining light on the values in asking for help, and above all else - kindness.

Serena is a resilient community facilitator and advocate for full health and wellness. Together she is here to build community and share stories on the topics of caregiving, loss, trauma, grief, love, and resilience, and support you in fostering resilience as you ride the waves of your life journeys.

Serena Klaver - Young wife opens up on grief and role of a caregiver
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