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Natasha Medlar - Domestic violence advocate

Natasha Medlar is a Domestic Violence & Social Change Advocate who currently resides between Perth, Western Australia and New York. Through her work amongst communities across the world and on social media, Natasha’s only aim is to do her part in creating social change and educating those who come across her platforms, in hopes of a better tomorrow.

Having been a Victim of Domestic Violence and Rape from the age of 14 to 21, Natasha endured physical, sexual, mental, verbal, social and emotional abuse on a frequent basis. In 2017 at the age of 27, Natasha finally felt ready to share her story with the world; this was also the first-time close friends and family learnt of what she had endured for all those years. Natasha took to YouTube in hopes of being able to give courage and strength to current Victims without a voice, to inspire them and remind them that they weren’t alone.

After a surreal response from women all over the world, Natasha became a figure that women would turn to who were alone and needed someone to listen, someone to provide advice, someone to confide in and someone to help provide assistance in helping these women to get out of their current situations.

The work and services Natasha provides has been featured on various International platforms including the biggest Media Organisation; BBC News. She was also invited to Malta in November 2018 as a Key Note Speaker for the United Nations Day of Elimination of Violence against Women and Children Event in Malta. To date Natasha has assisted 10 women out of Domestic Abuse relationships; 5 women in the USA, 3 women in Australia, 1 female in the UK and 1 female in Nigeria.

Natasha Medlar - Domestic violence advocate
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