The Power of Hope


This counter is a visual representation of the power of HOPE.  It is a daily tally of each and every “extra” day our founder has had the chance to live, to laugh, and to love after being given a terminal cancer prognosis with an expected two month survival.  It serves as a fierce reminder to foster HOPE even when there is seemingly none.

Today, she thrives despite having once been denied all further medical care aside from palliative care.  Despite all of the odds being against her, she held on to HOPE shared by a complete stranger half way around the world who lit her path.  She only cam to learn the name of this hero years later, Fabian “Hoppe”… all incredibly moving after all the “hope” he instilled.  She is here to “pass it on” and to forward the gifts that were so kindly and selflessly shared with her.  No one knows what tomorrow brings but together, let’s all find our silver lining of today and hope for tomorrow.  As we continue to face our trials and tribulations, may our minds be fierce and our spirit brave.  Together, we are stronger.

Let’s give a big cheer for Fabian and for heroes around the world who rise up- although individually we may not be able to change the world, but we can all strive to change the world for one person.