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  • No matter how hard Erica had to fight she amazes me with how positive she has always been.  She is a ray of sunshine and she greets everyone she passes with her big, happy smile, no matter what she is going through.

    Vancouver British Columbia
    Vancouver Coastal Health
  • Erica’s journey is one of inspiration to every person that knows her.  Her love for LIFE makes us all better people.  Erica, I thank-you for being you and I am humbled to know you

  • there is no one stronger and more resilient than Erica Harris.  She always carries a smile on her face and in her heart.  We can all better our days from the positivity she displays

  • Erica is a true inspiration to us all

  • Erica has amazing energy and her big, caring heart never ceases to amaze me!

  • Erica has this incredible determination and this never-ending vibration of hope.  As a nurse, I can readily say that Erica is truly the strongest person that I have ever met, both physically and mentally.  Erica lives this rich, full life each and every day with such passion and joy.  My “E” tattoo is in honour of Erica’s strength and is the reminder I carry with me to be grateful for each day and to live each day to the fullest!

    Kelowna British Columbia
    Registerd Nurse, Ironman Athlete
  • Erica is my positive spirit and my enduring nature.  Her relentless strength has had a remarkable inspiration on my life.

    Chiropractor, Athlete
  • Erica’s positive attitude is contagious and is so admirable.

    Fashion Consultant
  • Erica is such a positive force and her strength is inspiring to all.

  • Erica has made an incredibly impactful mark on so many.  We are the blessed who know her.

  • Life requires us to stay the course but Erica shows us all how to do it best.  Her tenacity, heart and strong are immeasureable

  • It’s such an honour to know Erica

    Founder Life Chronicles
  • It’s simply amazing what Erica has been through and it is so inspirational to watch how she “chooses” to move through it- Wow!”

  • Erica’s story is one of awesome strength. I will never tire of hearing the message of faith, hope, love, and gratitude.  She shines her light on all she meets!

    Friend from Church
  • Erica is a bright, shinning star! She makes all of those around her shine brighter!

  • Erica is the most amazing person who gives strength to all she meets.”

  • Erica is my superhero

  • She knows what it’s like to be told her cancer is not in remission, to be offered only palliative care when still a mother to young children.

    Erica Harris is clearly a lemonade-maker. When life served her this unexpected bowl of sourness, she found ways to sweeten it. Ask Erica about ways to find Hope.

    Canadian Blood Services
  • Wow! Erica’s courage and positivity is so inspiring.  Erica is an amazing woman whose story and positivity inspire others to greatness.

    Canadian Blood Services
  • Erica’s story is one of awesome strength. I will never tire of hearing the message of faith, hope, love, and gratitude.  She shines her light on all she meets!


    Friend from Church
  • Erica is the strongest person I know.  She has the will, the love and the sass to get anything she wants out of life and she is so passionate to help all those in her circle to do the same

  • Erica’s spirit inspires me.  She is a powerful person- always positive and incredibly strong.

  • Erica has walked through not only sickness but all the fear, suffering, uncertainty and despair that comes along with it.  And yet, she greets each day with positivity, faith and gratitude for the day.  She is truly an ambassador of life- not just for herself, but for her family and for everyone who meets her!

    Seattle Washington US
  • Erica Harris is a health warrior in every sense of the word. Erica inspires me to live my best life every day!!!

    Rhode Island, US
    Survivor, Registered Nurse
  • When I first met Erica, I felt that there was something special about her.  I was right… Erica is such a blessing to this world.  She is an absolute inspiration and her story is one of awesome strength and courage.

  • Erica Harris, you’re my inspiration! You are the brightest star!

    Occupational Therapist
  • Erica is such an inspiration to everyone she meets!

    Survivor, Athlete
  • Erica has such a big heart and an incredibly infectious positive attitude.

    Women’s Speakers Association