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Here at Rise Today, we are dedicated to supporting, inspiring and empowering our clients to best navigate adversity. Through our vast experience facing hardship and through our exceptional mindset coaching programs, we culture principles of resilience, resolve, positivity, fortitude, serving to move our clients to greatness through adversity. Together we are stronger.  Together we will rise!

Dr. Erica J. Harris, Founder of Rise Today!

Dr. Erica excels at empowering cancer patients, caregivers and survivors to adopt an attitude of gratitude and a growth mindset, in the face of a trying cancer diagnosis.  She truly understands just how hard, dark and isolating the journey can be when you hear those words “you have cancer".


Having had to master principles of resilience, resolve, positivity, fortitude and gratitude to survive an Armageddon of relentless, seemingly insurmountable feats, she now serves as Empowered Mindset Health expert to empower you to take back the power!  

Standing up to cancer is a daunting task.  You don’t have to do so alone. 

Recruit Dr. Erica on your team as your positivity coach and register for her signature 8week Power of Positivity coaching program where you will learn simple every day mindset shifts to take back the power, to make the most of the gift of each day, to better navigate the health care system, to choose happy and to rebound higher than you ever imagined as you come to achieve greater levels of health, happiness and success than ever before! Dr. Erica’s established principles are tried, tested and true.  Hear what other’s have to say about her in the testimonials below.  


Cancer may take the story we once knew of ourselves, but it also brings the chance to write a new story- together, we will choose our plot, colours and our characters wisely!  

Be inspired, be empowered and be supported and recruit Dr. Erica on your team today.  Rise Today. Take charge of you and Own Every Second.   


“Power of Positivity”


Coaching Programs



Coaching Programs

Note: Please seek medical advice, review our disclaimer and our coaching agreement below


Dr. Erica Harris

Dr. Erica has a special focus in empowering young moms as they navigate the hardships of a cancer diagnosis. She has also successfully mentored both men and women of all ages, to rise up and to thrive through the hardships of new or chronic conditions, even those unrelated to cancer. She also excels at empowering those facing the hardships of divorce. More recently, she has been invited to transfer the founding principles of her signature Power of Positivity program to inspire and empower the corporate sector. Recruit Dr. Erica today to learn to live a life with no regrets!

Meghan Hubner

At the age of 35 Meghan underwent urgent open heart surgery for a genetic condition she was previously unaware of. Rather than live in the fear of this condition she has chosen to use her gift to encourage others to release fear and express themselves in ways they never imagined possible.


"When I first met Erica, I felt that there was something special about her.  I was right… Erica is such a blessing to this world.  She is an absolute inspiration and her story is one of awesome strength and courage."

—  Denise Santana

Sault Ste Marie Ontario

Do you resonate with our mission?  Do you carry a bright light to share with the world? If so, we are eager to here from you!



Read more about Erica’s journey in our Founder’s page and read her powerful story in her beautifully crafted Chapter Wings to Fly in the #1 International Best Seller, The Silver Linings of Cancer. Recruit your speaker for your next event by visiting our speaker’s page and please share your story of inspiration with us in our forum to spread the powers of hope and positivity!  


It takes a team to raise a dream! 


Here at Rise Today, we are passionately spearheading new initiatives to improve health care measures for the families of young, sick parents. 


We welcome opportunities to collaborate!  If our mission resonates with you, please reach out to explore potential avenues and opportunities!  We thank-you for your interests in our pursuits and we can’t wait to hear from you! 




Here at Rise Today, we are dedicated to supporting, inspiring and empowering you to rise to own every second of the gift of today. Together we will rise!


Dr. Erica J. Harris


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